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October 9
3:30 – 4:30 pm @ Lamar Family Activities Center, 1012 Harrison

Mayoral Candidate Forum for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling Families, join us for an afternoon "Mayoral Candidate Forum" to not only hear from our Mayoral candidates and ask questions before the pending November election, but also to demonstrate civic engagement to your students.

So, even if you don't vote in Wichita Falls, please help homeschoolers show up in force to let all of our elected public servants and candidates know that we are a legitimate entity to be respected.

Free & open to area homeschooling families.

Teens encouraged to attend



How many will be attending?

October 17 
5:30 -7pm @ 2201 Kemp Blvd

DUAL CREDIT Informational Night

Reserve your spot by calling (940) 350-9434.

Premier High School is able to offer up to 6 hours of dual credit coursework each semester to apply toward your diploma. This is no cost to the student other than books and lab fees.

Minimum Enrollment Requirements for DC with Premier:
● TSI complete (reading/writing); TSI Math preferred but not required
● Completion of Coursework in these eight subjects: Algebra 1, Geometry, English 1, English 2, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, World Geography, U.S. History

If you have any questions, PLEASE call or email Trina Watson.


H.E.A.T. exists to provide encouragement, support with resources, fellowship, and group learning activities to all persons or families who desire to home school their children or be involved in home school support.

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