2019-2020 H.E.A.T. Board




Laurie Stillwell




Membership Coordinator

Paul Coraccio



Beth Tate 


Media Coordinator

Tara Dora 


Home School Band

Location:  Wesleyan Nazarene Church

                1301 Bell St and Ave C

Day:         Thursdays

Time:       10:15-11:45 am

Classes:  Beginner and Intermediate Band

Contact:  Joel and Susan Haas;

                580-536-0799 or 580-591-3822;                     sujohaas@ionet.net

Trail Life

Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men

Trail Life Troop 254

Kinley Hegglund

4-H Explorers

Explorers 4-H group

All students must enroll in 4H to participate 

$20 annual fee for age 8 and up; no fee for Clovers

Enrollment fee goes up to $25 in October


Some activities have participation fees

Each club is operated separately with distinct leaders, activities, and procedures


Several different options are offered by various groups within our community to assist in providing variety of learning opportunities. 'the following is a list of those submitted to this website.


MARK Co-op 

What is MARK? :  We are a group of homeschool families who have joined together to teach creation-based science, physical education (caring for God's temple), and more. Our co-operative is founded on Mark 12:30.  We strive to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  We are uniting as home school families to provide social, academic, and character building activities that honor God and enhance our home schooling experience. 



Location : Lamar Baptist Church 

Day : Tuesdays 

Time : 12:00pm - 3:30 pm 

      Nursery - 12th grade


Contact person: Dianna Ibarra 


Home School Co-op


Home School Co-op is a diverse group of home school families united to provide enrichment and social activities to compliment our homeschooling experience. 



Location: Western Hills Baptist Church, 5107 Ridgecrest Drive

Dates: Mondays,Sept 12 - Nov14

Time: 9:45 - 12:00 (three 45 min periods)

Classes: Nursery - 12th grade


Cost:                                Registration: $10 per family; additional supply and instruction fee per class

Contact Person: Kathy Love 



Secular Home Schoolers


Secular Homeschoolers meet at our homes, at Wichita Falls Public Library, or on location for field trips, group activities, celebrations and 

co-op style instruction. All ages welcome.


Contact: Sandra Little 

stay connected with yahoo groups

Yahoo email loops are a convenient way to share resources and support with other home school families. We have several in our community that meet the needs of different groups. Please check them out and see if one fits your needs.


WFareahomeschoolers is a list for all homeschooling families in the Wichita Falls, Texas area. We do ask that you be actively homeschooling your child to be a member.


Too much email? you can get "just the facts" about all

the events and activities with none of the chatting. You will need to remain a member WFarehomeschoolers (set your delivery to special notices) so you still have access to the information and support there, only with fewer emails in your inbox everyday.


Explorers 4-H group


Boy's Book Club   


Actor's Creating Together 4H Drama Group

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