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Welcome New Members!!!

H.E.A.T. Wants to Help You!

We exist to to help you as a home school family



Home Educators Around Texoma (H.E.A.T.) exists to provide encouragement, support with resources, fellowship, and group learning activities to all persons or families who desire to home school their children or be involved in home school support. H.E.A.T. also serves to promote communication of vital and legal information among home schooling families.



H.E.A.T. desires to present a positive and informed image of the value of home schooling to the community and to encourage others to explore home schooling as a viable choice in education. H.E.A.T. also seeks to encourage area businesses and churches to support home schooling efforts.

If you don't find what you're looking for on this website, please contact a board member and we'll do our best to help you find the information you need. 

A word by Janice Southerland from Focus on the Family

When we began our home school journey, we were easily overwhelmed by all kinds of advice, curriculum choices, methods, learning styles . . . in fact, the more we read about schooling, the less competent I felt about teaching.

Fortunately, as we began, I heard a speaker explain that parents are qualified and able — even without formal degrees! — to teach their own children. We can teach them because God provides all we need for what He requires. How true!

And yet, we must continually go to Him with our questions and be willing to sit and hear His advice. God is the only expert worthy of our full attention because He created the precious children that we have, and He knows best how they will learn.

It is a simple, yet powerful truth to remember: make time daily to read God's Word and pray. Many times I have been too busy, and have waited until the day unraveled before stopping to ask Him to guide us and make our attitudes right. Recognizing that we are all learners helps us realize who the real Teacher is!

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